Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Table Treasures!

Tonight at my in-laws' house, my mil (hi B!) showed me this picture that her friend had pinned on Pinterest:

I found the pic again on this blog.

It was pinned as a toddler bed, which is what I like it as. However, notice the rope bone on the bed? Someone has lavishly spoiled their pooch. Not that I can talk...Sadie has a wrought iron bed to match ours, but it was given to us! Don't judge!

Addie's crib is supposed to break down into a toddler bed and eventually become a full size head board, but this is SO much cooler. Just sayin'. I may have to try this. First, I guess I'll have to knock out some other projects that I've been waiting for free time to start, like etching Addie's window. It's not her actual window to the outside, just an old wooden one I hung on the wall. You'll see ;)


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