Monday, January 30, 2012

Pinteresting Etchings

Oops, now I've gone and done it. Actually, Lindsey started it. I've gone and joined Pinterest. Honestly, it was just a matter of time. I had to force myself to click to the blog--I only pinned two things so far but man, I'm in trouble. It's going to be a late night. Darn you Lindsey and Brandy!

The reason for my needing to blog is because I've been etching to share something with you! BA haha! (Horrible humor, I know.) For those of you who don't know, my husband got me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas. I'm in love. Oh yeah, with Jeff too ;) Shortly after Christmas, he also ordered me some glass etching cream so that I may utilize it just a bit more. Honestly, being the science geek he is, I think he was just etching to see how it worked. (Sorry, had to throw it in there!) He also bought me some glasses to etch and sell on Etsy eventually, but I wanted to try it out first.

First, I dug through my drawers and picked out a home-party-brand mixing bowl with a lid that I decided needed branding. I had already cut out my name using the extra, would-have-been-wasted space on the vinyl when I cut out Addie's wall stickers.

Second, I had to gently pick out the letters of my name fron the vinyl, leaving the majority of the vinyl behind. You do it this way so that you have a stencil. I utilized the letters to give my sewing machine a branding too! Then, I covered the stencil with transfer tape and scraped it multiple times with a popsicle stick to remove any air bubbles. I'd rather use a scraper made for this, but the stick came with the transfer tape, and I'm cheap.

Then, I gently removed the vinyl from it's backing by pulling off the transfer tape, picking up the vinyl in the process. Then, I stuck it to my glassware and smoothed out the bubbles again. I found it was easier to use my fingernail, since the surface was round.

Next, I slowly pulled off the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl sticking to the glass. I went over it again with my nails to ensure it was stuck well and that I didn't have any bubbles left. Then, I globbed on the etching cream with a sponge brush, while wearing vinyl gloves mind you.

 I let it sit for a few minutes, wondering out loud how long it would need. Then it started bubbling out and ruined the seal at the top of the W. The cream bled a bit in the short time it took Jeff to look it up and realize it's only supposed to sit on the glass for 1-2 minutes. Crap. We grabbed a shop towel (which luckily Jeff brought in for me before I got started) and wiped away the majority of the cream. Then, we rinsed it under water to remove the rest. We pulled off the vinyl and voila! My name, right there on the glass!

See the top right part of the W? Just remember, it only needs one or two minutes! I washed it in the sink with soap just to ensure we removed all of the cream from the glass and my hands. Even with the minor glitch, I still think it looks so great, and I did a little dance as soon as I was finished. Did I mention I was in love?

And that's a wrap! Next up, Addie's window. It's going to take a lot longer because the pattern I picked out is intricate-of course. Oh well, it'll look awesome when it's finished. 

Check me out on Pinterest while you're at it! Yasdnilotis is my user name! I'm just getting started, but I'm sure I'll have plenty pinned in no time.


  1. Oh Lindsay, I say craft night on Saturday at your house. We'll chip in for the price of some vinyl and the solvent and we can etch some beer mugs for our husbands for Valentine's Day.

    1. I'll ask Jeff, but it sounds good to me. Although, I don't think we have room for anymore glass ware on our shelves. He already had large pilsners. I'll have to think of something else ;)